Educational Programs and Events

Deming Institute Annual Conference

This annual themed multi-day event brings together educators, administrators, practitioners, students and executives to explore business and education through the lens of Deming’s quality and continual improvement theories. This event features presentations by education and business leaders who challenge the status quo through the application of the Deming philosophy.

International Deming Research Conference

This two-day educational forum presents selected papers that extend and expand on Dr. Deming's work, as well as describe applications of Dr. Deming’s management ideas in businesses and organizations. Established at Fordham University, The Deming Research Conference is held annually at different locations around the U.S.

Introduction to the Deming Management Method | 8-Hour Workshop

This 8-hour immersion program, held over the course of two days, is for leaders at all levels of management. The focus is on the foundations of teamwork and the connecting power and financial potential this provides to all organizations. As Dr. Deming believed, working together is fundamental to solving and preventing problems, while providing us the ability to “do more with less.”

This interactive workshop aims to reveal blind spots to teamwork and presents new fundamental concepts and strategies from the Deming Management Method. These strategies will shift organizations in a new direction, embedded with the vibrant benefits of a collaborative environment. This powerful new framework, enables leaders to better manage their resources, time, money, knowledge, equipment, and people.

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Deming Management Method for Owners & Executives | 2.5-Day Seminar

This seminar covers Dr. Deming’s theories and understanding how to transform the management practices in your organization. Attendees learn how to overcome practices, policies and strategies that are barriers to increasing productivity, innovation and competitiveness. This interactive seminar is a key step in creating stronger more prosperous organizations in which owners, leaders, workers, suppliers, customers and communities all benefit.

Upcoming Events:

Deming for Education Leadership | 2-Day Seminar

Facilitated by David Langford, the Two-Day Leadership Seminar is an immersion into using the tools, concepts and philosophy of Quality Learning. Participants are asked to bring both questions and success stories to the seminar to share with other participants and to gain feedback on next steps. This rich learning environment is a model for teachers, facilitators and administrators at any level of education.  

Quality Learning for Educators | 4-Day Seminar

Facilitated by David Langford, this intensive four-day seminar introduces you to Quality Learning principles, history, tools and applications to learning. Participants gain the vision, purpose and capacity for quality implementation in your classroom or organization.  

The Deming Institute Scholarship Program

The Deming Institute Scholarship Program gives students and individuals from non-profit organizations, businesses and educational institutions greater access to the teachings of Dr. Deming. The scholarships are funded by generous donors, who want to give others the opportunity to explore the transformational teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Scholarships are awarded throughout the year to attend Deming Institute conferences, workshops and seminars, and to support research related to the theories of Dr. Deming.  

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